Comprehensive Services

Public Strategies

Legal Fee Audits

We conduct retrospective forensic analyses to determine whether legal fees and related expenses are reasonable and necessary.

Expert Opinions

We serve as consulting experts or testifying experts in disputes over the reasonableness and allocation of legal costs.

Litigation Management

We help clients align their budget with their goals, and control spending during legal engagements.

Bankruptcy Fee Examination

We serve as bankruptcy litigation manager, court-appointed fee examiner and independent fee auditor in the specialized area of bankruptcy.

Dispute Resolution

We provide unbiased advice to clients and courts regarding attorney fee awards or petitions, and serve as third-party neutrals.

Legal Fee Solutions, LLC (LFS) is the nation’s leading provider of legal fee analytics. For more than two decades, our experienced attorneys have used innovative strategies to analyze legal fees, control costs, manage litigation and resolve fee disputes.

Our services have never been as vital or relevant as they are today. Well-managed organizations of all types recognize the need to reduce legal costs without compromising legal efficacy.

Through our meticulous review and analysis, LFS helps clients obtain both more efficient and more effective legal representation. We routinely reduce budgets by up to 25 percent, saving clients millions or tens of millions of dollars every year. We also help clients save time by relieving in-house counsel of tedious oversight and advising outside counsel on staffing, workflow and transparency.

LFS works with public and private companies, government agencies and law firms. Whether a client is seeking review of past legal expenses, management of protracted multi-party litigation or expert advocacy during a legal fee dispute, LFS offers authoritative analytics and practical solutions.

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LFS is a consulting firm and does not practice law.

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